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Do you have questions about going solar or the products we offer? Our FAQs are designed to give you an overview of the technology we offer, how our process works, and solutions to questions that may arise after your system is installed. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you!


Our representative will be at your door step within 24 hours after receiving your information. He will inquire some things in order to determine the best fit for your house and will make sure to schedule a free in home consultation with company. Furthermore, by the time of consultation our agent will take necessary notes on the unique structural profile of your home and educate you about the best case scenario in terms of available plans and company. This meeting aims to help get familiar with ease, comfort and cost effectiveness of your decision. Bay assessing all available data, company will then provide you with a customized proposal for the installation keeping in view your energy requirements.

If the solar meets your requirements, after your approval we move forward with the detailed survey of your home to make sure the engineers design a perfect layout to ensure the maximum efficiency and cost effective installation of solar. To ensure smooth installation, all the clearance and HOA are handled on the front end. After the installation, the panel is inspected by city and utility company and afterwards it’s turned on making your home an official solar home.
We acquire services of the best panel manufacturers in the market for our consumers. Many of which top tire brands like SilFab and LG. Truth be told, we are a premium LG Installer, because it offers its customers top of the line, market breaking extended warranty program.
We take liberty of considering ourselves experts in terms of navigating the city permits and building applications to make sure your solar setup is ready to serve within no time. Normally, we work within the time frame of 6 to 8 weeks from the time of contract. But that is not set in stone due to city permiting among other factors.
That is a big YES. We start our process of installation after we reach an agreement with each of our customer. This agreement is showcase of our work and the overview of warranties and assurances that we provide to our customers.
There are multiple factors that influence the cost of an installation. The cost of a system varies given the system size ratio, electrical upgrades and local state utility benefits. Every home has a unique building profile so we design a customized solar installation specifically for each customer.
We have a number of third-party financing companies in our loop which offer 0-down financing options for our potential customers. These are mostly solar loans. But many of our customers rely on paying cash for their system installation.
Without a question. Yes, we offer 25-year workmanship warranty for our roof mounted systems to make sure its free of material defects. The equipment warranties may vary depending on the manufacturer you select. The best we offer is a 25- year product warranty of our panels.
Absolutely. It always comes down to the inverter you choose, for which the company will send you monitoring that is compatible with the manufacturing model. Furthermore, we have Club Energy Monitoring system in or apps that enable you to check both the solar system production and real-time appliance level energy consumption. Cool, isn’t it?
Although, you are generating your own power through solar panels but you are not isolated form the grid. In short, the utility company will charge you for excess power consumption from the grid other than the regular service charges. Your home is bound consume energy from both the solar panel and electrical grid if it exceeds the limit of usage. Being a solar consumer, your electric company may give you a bunch of benefits or improved rate plans that may help you create extra saving for you. Make sure to consult your energy provider for further information.
We do not suggest estimating your savings on monthly basis. Each month’s utility bill amount is influenced by a number of factors. Temperature, wind, the location of the sun, and your energy consumption patterns all influence how much electricity is used by the home and how much energy is generated by the solar system month to month. Other aspects that add to the net savings include surplus electricity sent back to the utility provider. Please email for a more detailed savings analysis.
Each house and solar system are unique. A common myth is that now that after solar installation, you can use an infinite amount of electricity while still saving money. Please bear in mind that your solar system was planned based on either your previous year’s use or your home’s square footage. The estimated savings would be reduced as more electricity is drawn than the time when solar was deployed.
In summer season, sun is beneficial to the energy production of your solar system. But it also means hotter days and more use of air cooling utilities like air conditioner. You can expect to use more power from the grid, provided all other variables remain stable.
It’s critical to keep an eye on your monitoring site to ensure that the system is functioning properly. Checking the monitoring site on a weekly basis is recommended. You can learn to track the production of your panels via Curb Energy Monitoring System.
Keep in mind that your panels generate DC power, while the rest of your house is powered by AC. Because the inverter converts DC to AC, there is no electricity available to turn on the inverter if the utility power goes out. This is done as a safety precaution by the utility company to ensure that no extra power is sent to the grid while the outage is being repaired. Keep in mind that a battery can offset a power outage and provide power to your inverter for a limited time under certain circumstances. TruShield collaborates with the world’s leading electronics companies to offer the most advanced solar and storage systems available.