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6 Ways You Shouldn’t Clean Solar Panels

6 Ways You Shouldn’t Clean Solar Panels

What you think is the correct way to clean solar panels might be one of the most damaging experiences for your solar roof. Cleaning them the wrong way can cause scratches and damage to the panel’s anti-reflection coating and even permanent results such as hot spots. Worst case scenario – the panels age out too fast before you can even break even on your investment!

Solar panels get dirty. Everyone should know the correct way to clean them without causing any damage that might reduce their efficiency. The following are six ways NOT to clean your solar panels:

1. Hosing Them Off

The worst thing you (or anyone) could do to your solar panels is hosing them off with tap water from a garden hose. The high-pressure water can cause long-term damage to your solar panels. On the other hand, water can cause the metal of the panels to corrode, leading to hot spots.

2. Using Abrasive Chemicals or Materials

Cleaning chemicals can have abrasive agents, which can cause the protective wax layer on the solar panel to wear away. Over time, this can expose the solar panel’s metal and cause it to corrode. If it is necessary to use a cleaning agent, make sure that it is mild and free of abrasives.

3. Scrubbing Them

Cleaning the panels is not similar to scrubbing your dishes. You do not need to scrub the panels with a brush or other harsh material. This can cause permanent damage to your solar panels.

4. Polishing Them

It would be best if you never polished your solar panels. Polishing the panels can cause them to become less efficient at converting sunlight into energy. Such practices can also damage the protective coating on the panels, leading to corrosion over time.

5. Applying Soap or Detergent Directly to the Panels

Soap and detergents have great quantities of sulfates which can etch the surface of solar panels if left for a long time. If you must use these cleaning agents, dilute them in water before applying them to the solar panel. Make sure that you remove them immediately. However, we advise staying away from doing so.

6. Cleaning Your Panels Too Much

You might think that cleaning your solar panels more often will result in them being cleaner and, therefore, more efficient. However, this is not the case – if anything, over-cleaning the solar panels can damage them. Too much cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing can wear down the anti-reflective coating that makes them efficient in the first place. It’s best to clean your panels only when they are visibly dirty.

You should avoid any of the above methods as they can cause long-term damage to your solar panels. You don’t want your panels to run out of their life, which defeats the entire purpose of having them in the first place.

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